Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sephora surprises

So at my latest trip to Sephora, I was browsing all over the store coveting everything I saw. Wouldn't it be fantastic to get a shopping spree there? I would explode from excitement. Anyways, I picked up a few new products (new to me not to the market), and I wanted to rave about them.

The first one I got is NARS Illuminator in Laguna. I have been using it as a liquid contour color, and it is beautiful! I get the world's smallest dot on my finger (less than a pea size), and I put it under my cheek bone, down the sides of my nose, and on my forehead by my hairline. It is easy to apply, a perfect color, and a tiny bit goes a long way!

I also got a sample tube of They're Real Mascara by Benefits. Sephora has this magical section right by the register that has sample sizes of different things they have throughout the store. I think this is my favorite part of the store. It lets you get smaller, cheaper versions of items they have in the store. I grabbed this because I had heard so much about it. Let me tell you, all the hype is true! It takes a few days to get used to the wand, but my eyelashes look SO much longer and more full! I am obsessed with this mascara and can't wait to buy a regular sized tube!

This eyeliner is Kat Von D, and it was an unexpected surprise! When you are a Sephora Beauty Insider (all you do is give them your email and phone number), you get a point per dollar spent. After you get 100 points you can choose from 5 or 6 sample versions of products they have in the store. Well, I chose this, and I love it! I love the felt pen (I have never used this kind before), and it lasts until you wash it off!

I fell in love with all these products! I will do a contour and highlighting post soon, and I will be using the NARS Illuminator! I hope you enjoyed!

❤ Taylor

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