Saturday, July 20, 2013

My top eye shadows

Hey y'all! I thought I would start off today with my absolute favorite eye shadows that I use All. The. Time. I tend to use a lot of MAC products, and as it turns out, all of my eye shadows are MAC. They are very pigmented and go on beautifully.

Here are my top three:

Here is what it looks like on my skin

 I use this color all over my eye lids. It does have a bit of shimmer, and it is a beautiful warm color.

 A swatch of both All That Glitters and Honey Lust next to each other

This is another color that I use on my lids. I tend to alternate between both of these colors. They are both so beautiful, but I tend to use All That Glitters over Honey Lust. Honey Lust was my top pick for a solid five years! But I got All That Glitters from my mom and I fell in love! Honey Lust is just a bit darker and has more gold in it.

A swatch with all three!

I use Mulch on my crease. It is a dark shimmery color, and it compliments both All That Glitters and Honey Lust so nicely. I use these colors on a day to day basis. These three colors give a good daytime eye that has some shimmer!

♥ Taylor

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