Saturday, July 20, 2013

Foundation brush and application

I'm on a roll today! Two posts in one day? Production is my middle name. I wanted to talk about a tool that I use every day and a brand I am obsessed with. Recently, I made the switch from a compact powder to liquid foundation. I had been using MAC Studio Fix since 7th grade! Talk about loyalty. Well, I decided to switch it up so I bought Loreal True Macth Lumi liquid foundation. I like it some, but I have found I am more oily throughout the day.

Anyways, I wanted to really talk about how I apply it. I have been using a Sigma brush called the Flat Top Kabuki F80. It. Is. Wonderful. I use and love many of Sigma's brushes, but this one takes the cake!

 I start by putting two pumps of foundation on the back of my hand. I get about 1/3 of the foundation from my hand onto the brush and dab it on one cheek and half of my nose and chin. I take another 1/3 onto the brush and do the other cheek, the rest of my nose, and the rest of my chin. Then I take almost all of what is left on my hand (I leave a tiny bit) and dab it on my forehead. Then I go back over it and make small circles with the brush all over my face. This blends in the foundation all over and makes it look so smooth and seamless. I take the small bit I have left on my hand onto the brush and hit the troubles areas a second time. 

Having a good base for the rest of your makeup is so important, and this tool makes it easy and looks gorgeous!

♥ Taylor


  1. Would you say that for the price difference, that Sigma is very comparable to the MAC brushes? I looked them up and there is a good price difference in a lot of them. Plus Sigma has brushes in cool colors. ;-)

    1. Sigma is very good and (I hate to say it) but almost better than MAC because of the price difference. They are very well made and cheap!

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